Online Presence that fits your needs: Website, App, and Social Profiles

Internet usage is increasing day by day. Having an online presence is as important as your visiting cards. But when you are starting out, you want to take the advantage of the internet efficiently to avoid overinvesting time, energy, and money.

In this article, we are discussing different kinds of online presence for your business, brand, or idea. And how you can take leverage of each of one? But before starting let’s discuss briefly the importance of online presence.

Why is online presence important?

People and your prospective customers are finding everything online. From shoes to the nearest pet salon. So if you have a business, then being online help you to reach your potential customers if you are visible to them.

If they are seeing your brand or profile multiple times on the internet, in multiple different locations, and in different formats. It leads to building trust among them about you and your business.

Different types of online presence

Google My Business & Other Directories

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Google My Business is google’s free-to-use tool that helps to manage and optimize your business profile on the internet. Best for businesses that sells products or provide services, and have a physical location so that your customers can reach you at your office (or store).

Google My Business provide helps your profile to come up in the local searches, and location-based searches.

For example, if you are a bike seller living in New Delhi, then there would be a high chance of showing your bike shop online if your potential customer typed “Best Bike Shops in New Delhi”. Your business will also end up in the search results if someone would search for “Best bike shops near me”, in the vicinity of your shop address.

You can also use different local or international online directories and forums for coming up on the search results. For example, sites like and other similar sites allow you to build your business profile, and share regular updates with the community.

You can also go for the industry-specific community and online directories. For example, if you are selling products in bulk, and doing business B2B then you can register your business on

On the other hand, if you are selling, B2C (Business to Customers) then you have to build a profile on ecommerce platforms, like Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho.

Social Media Presence

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This type of social media presence doesn’t cost a penny in creation. However, to manage and optimize your social media presence you have to either invest some time yourself or hire a social media strategies or manager or both, which costs you a little.

But the social media presence is the most needed thing for your business, idea, or brand. Let’s say you are a beauty salon in Karnataka and wanted to share your new kits, new looks, discounts, and more with your followers. People near you are happy to follow your account and could ask you for appointments through chats, and comments.

For a different kind of content, there is a different kind of social media. Like,

  • For long videos, go for YouTube, and Facebook.
  • For short videos, go for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Watch, and YouTube Shorts.
  • For Designed content, any social media would be good.
  • For microblogs, and updates, use Twitter.
  • For infographics, use Pinterest.


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It is a social presence that costs you much. But on the website, you have more flexibility and uniqueness.

It’s true that you can do alot without a website but website is a plus.

Why a website?

Ask yourself, what’s the visitor should do here on your site?

Because, website can help visitors in many ways. Like,

  1. People can do research on your site
  2. They can chat with experts
  3. Read customer reviews if you are seling product.
  4. Your visitor can watch video on the site about you and your services.
  5. They can buy things
  6. They can track orders.
  7. It gives your business more trust and professional identity.
  8. You can share content and done SEO in a more controlled way.


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Apps are expensive to build and manage. But it provides businesses some unique ability to market and do business that’s not available in any kind of online presence.

If you are reaaching yoru potential customers or audience through app, you can,

  1. use GPS facility so that you can send offer whenever that customer is near your shop or store.
  2. Apps uare used as a loyalty tools to encourage existing, frequent customers to come back.
  3. Apps can also help to do more customize, and achieve more complex marketing and business goals that are difficult on website.

Number one rule of online presence

Marrying what you want people to do on your site, and what they want to do on your site is a secret to success.”



Whether it’s some online directory, social media profile, website or app. The goals is that your business has a profile and you can reach your potential audience.

Not every kind of presence is needed for your site. So keep in mind, use and leverage what you really think works and helps your business.