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What’s included in the two-week Free Trial?

  • Free Trial for two weeks
  • One Engaging & unique Newsletter per week
  • The newsletter would be at least 500 words long.
  • LinkedIn graphic post creation.
  • Writing the caption, and adding relevant hashtags.
  • Publishing one post a day related to Newsletter for two weeks.

What should be your Newsletter about?

It could be related to a broad topic. Writing on a broader topic, like Web 3, which is also popular and on-trend these days, leads to better engagement.

Provide tips to your network. From your experience provide advice that might help your network connection. Tips like, “Three ways to do…” or “Five things to do before you…”.

Thoughts leadership. You can write about where the future of your industry is going. In such an article you have to provide some material like a quote or your opinion in text or video format. Then I will do more research and add more to it.

Figure it out in the process. If you are not still sure you can start which what you find okay, or let me recommend you something. And in the process, you can change anytime the Name, description, and topic of your Newsletter.

Why should you start a Newsletter?

It is a great way to build your reputation and share your expertise.

– Gemma Leigh Roberts, Mindset Matters

Name of your Newsletter

  • It should be something catchy that draws the audience’s attention.
  • It also needs to make it clear what kinds of topics you’re going to be talking about.

The Newsletter Writing Process

  • Step 1: Brainstorm the content ideas, and prepare an overview.
  • Step 2: Write the article.
  • Step 3: Adding the links, images, and videos.
  • Step 4: Create and upload a cover image.
  • Step 5: Publish the Newsletter
  • Step 6: Sharing the link on the LinkedIn Profile with hashtags
  • Step 7: Keep engaging with the audience who comments, and share the Newsletter.
  • Step 8: Create and publish the content related to the Newsletters daily on the LinkedIn Profile.

Why should you Hire Me?


Storytelling not writing

HubSpot certified Content Marketer, where I’ve learned that every piece of content has a character. Most of the time it is the audience.


Well-researched content

My way of writing is research-write-edit. The content includes charts, diagrams, images, data, or analytics when needed.


Social Media Management

I will not just write the LinkedIn Newsletter. But also write posts that share the link to LinkedIn Newsletter. And create many different sharable posters and content.

Let’s get started

My Advice

Don’t worry about getting perfect and right. Just get started. Getting something out there is more important than being perfect and right.

Make a plan. Always plan the Newsletter six months ahead, if you are creating a newsletter.

Be consistent. Make the frequency of publishing your newsletter constant. It could be Daily, Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly., whatever it would be stick to one.

Engagement matters. After publishing the Newsletter job is not over. We have to constantly engage with the audience in different ways, whether it is the comment or getting more attention through new posts.

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