proposal to all solopreneurs in health and wellness industry…

proposal to all solopreneurs in health and wellness industry…

What you need for your online presence?

You can have your free online existence on any of the following, and it might provide you best results.

Social Media↗


  • You can use social media for free.
  • If you use it correctly and consistently you can gain new clients for your yoga class, say.


  • There is less room for optimization
  • You can’t make your existence unique and stands out from others.
  • You can’t stand out from the competition.

Online Directories ↗


  • Mostly are free of cost to register on.
  • “Google My business” help you to optimize your online existence.
  • Also, you can stand out from the competition.


  • You are now competing either location-based or review-based.
  • These online directories has its own rating system.

Third party builders ↗


  • You will get free of cost landing page or a website.


  • But these urls are not good for SEO.
  • You can’t be shown on search results.
  • There are less flexibility to add more features.

Three extra pillars for your online existence

These pillars will distinguish your presence with your competition. And you can optimize these existence through the following:

Website ↗

On your website, visitors can

  • Book your online classes
  • Buy your online course
  • Read the content and articles that benefits them (Try to write a series, like “Belly fat loose series, Day-wise,”)
  • You can also collect their emails, and do email marketing for your services later.

Social Media Management ↗

  • Build a strong presence by your brand identity on social media.
  • Regularly provide updates on social media platforms. Like live classes, free seminars, health and wellness tips, an other updates.
  • More the audience engage, the more trust they build on your personal brand.

Marketing ↗

  • Optimize your website with content, and enhance the SEO.
  • Write frequent content on your website, and share through social media.
  • Run ads for selling something specific, like online course, or class membership.

Latest work in the niche

Here is what I can do for you

Website Development

Completely setup a website for you, which includes:

  • Website Design
  • Domain Name Purchase assistance
  • Server purchase assistance.
  • Designing a website with your goals and requirements keeping in mind.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Moder UI Design
  • Basic SEO of the website

Marketing Strategies

I will create and execute your marketing stategies by keeping your budget and goals in mind:

  • I am able to run successful ad campaigns through differnet social media.
  • Can also ad campaigns on google for “Search Engine Marketing”
  • First understand your online goal through online meeting. Then come up with the strategy.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is all about what kind of content should post on your website, and how we repurpose them on social media for better reach.

  • I will research keywords, and topics related to your niche.
  • Will brainstorm content ideas.
  • Write combination of long form and short form articles.
  • Repurpose content on social media.
  • Design and publish creatives on different social media.

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