How to make your Website unique?

Thousands of websites are added daily, and millions of content are published in a few hours. How do you stand out with your website in this increasingly competitive internet space?

If you have a business; either selling products or providing services. Then you will need an online presence.

The personalized way of creating an online presence is to have your own website. You can optimize the different aspects of a website, to get the desired results.

But a question arises, how could you make your own website stands out from others in a similar industry?

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It is not rocket science to make your website unique. But it takes time, money, and some time, both.

Either you are going to invest your time, or going to invest your money.

Now, look at the areas where you have to invest your time and money.

Words on the site

Any group of words on your site whether lines, paragraphs, text of your link or long blogs. These should be clear, and catchy. The text on your website should immediately present what’s visitors are there for, or something that visitors might find attractive.

To do this, either learn some copywriting on your own or hire a copywriter.

Let’s discuss different cases here

Case-1: Presenting something that visitors are looking for.

Most of the time when they are searching a website, the visitors know what they are looking for. If this would be the case, then present what you are providing, and explain how it would be beneficial to the visitors if they choose you over the other competitors.

Always outline what you are providing that others don’t, i.e. your Unique Selling Point (USP) of the business.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling a book, any other product, or service. Always outline what’s your USP first. By this, visitors are more likely to choose you over other competitors.

Case 2: Presenting something that might be beneficial for your visitors.

Sometimes your visitors won’t know what they are looking for or are just in the exploring phase. Then you can present your product or service that is beneficial to them. This would help you to build instant trust with your visitors.

Keep in mind, present your product or service, and show why is it beneficial for your website visitors first.

Your product or service would provide any of the followings:

  • Solve a problem
  • Bring entertainment
  • Make their work easier.

Use graphic, and illustrative images

Create more engaging graphic content rather than using plain stock images.

To do so you can use Canva for creating more engaging graphic content, like images, statistics, data, and infographics. And present those on your site to make your content more graphic.

Keep in mind try to choose fonts, colors, and some branding elements that would shape your brand identity among visitors.

You can use Canva Pro for creating brand identities for different websites, and purposes. Or you can hire a graphic designer who knows canva.

Present your face, or your team’s

If you are solopreneur try to present your face on your website more often so that people can recognize the person behind the website, and connect with it.

Also if you have a team, then having some behind-the-scene shots of your workplace or at least the professional image of an individual team member on the site would do the magic.

It helps to build trust.

Videos are more trustworthy

If you are not camera shy then you can record a video and upload it on YouTube and similar Video hosting platforms. Sharing your face, and presenting the content through video is a great way to get better engagement, and stands out from your competition.


To stand out you should always keep your potential audience in mind. Giving priority to their problems, pain points, and benefits gives your website and online presence more trust and stand out from the competition.